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Bradley Movement LLC dba Olympic Animal Massage


by  Jessica Bradley SAMP, LAMP

Call or Text 360-470-8564 to schedule an appointment

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60 min session- $95     

 25 min follow-up session- $45

Prioritize the wellbeing and healthy movement of your pet. Massage relieves stress points and trigger points in muscles, in addition to promoting relaxation, improving circulation, and supporting a healthy range of motion. Animals of all ages can benefit from routine maintenance massage sessions.

This may include techniques such as:

  • stroking 

  • percussions

  • compressions

  •  friction

  •  gliding

  •  kneading

  • range of motion or stretching

  • fascial or connective tissue stretching, with or without the aid of superficial heat, cold, water, or lubricants.

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90 min Initial Intake session- $150

60 min session-$95     

25 min follow-up session-$45

Specialized rehabilitative massage techniques help support animals that are recovering from injury, surgery, or are struggling with age or breed related muscle and movement issues.  Includes us of ActiVet Pro cold laser, support taping using Equi-tape brand kinesiology tape for animals, circulatory support massage, respiratory support massage, manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) to aid in clearing the lymphatic system and support the immune system are some of the specialized techniques that our therapist is trained in.

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60 min session- $95   

25 min session- $45

Treat your pet to some TLC at their home-away-from-home. Massage while boarding is a great way to to support the mental and physical well-being of your dog or cat while you are away.  Each massage for boarded dogs includes a short before and after walk time. Contact Olympic Animal Massage directly to schedule and verify availability of session during your dog's stay.

Jessica J. Bradley, SAMP, LAMP

Small Animal Massage Practitioner 


Large Animal Massage Practitioner

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Education and Professional Qualifications:

  • National Certifications in Canine Massage and Equine Massage by NBCAAM (National Board of Certification for Animal Acupressure and Massage) 

  • Graduate of the Northwest School of Animal Massage (NWSAM) Small and Large Animal Massage Practitioner Programs.

  • Small and Large Animal Massage: Rehabilitation Specialty Certifications from NWSAM.

  • Large Animal Massage: Performance Specialty Certification from NWSAM.

  • B.S. and MPA from the University of Oregon.

  • Equi-Taping Certified Practitioner. 

  • Animal Massage Certification for Small and Large Animals, State of Washington DOH Licensed.

  • Member of the Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP).

  • Insured through ABMP.


Animals have always been at the center of my life.  I was 6 years old when I got my first pet, a hermit crab. At age 8  I talked my parents into adopting a rabbit that my neighbor had brought home from a research lab. Her name was Flop.  Around that time I also found a stray cat that my parents reluctantly let me adopt. He was loyal like a dog and would follow my sister and I to school. My parents received many calls from the school office asking them to  come pick up out cat from school.  When I was 9 years old when I began to offer free dog walking services and befriended many neighborhood dog owners and dogs. For my 11th birthday my dream of dog ownership became a reality. My parents bought me my very own dog, a  Bichon-Frise puppy, who was the granddaughter of the dog  that I had been walking for the past 2 years.  

 Throughout my childhood and teenage years I was active in 4-H and the American Kennel Club. My dogs were both certified therapy dogs and we regularly visited people in nursing homes and the hospital.  In the 1990s, I enjoyed showing my dogs in showmanship, obedience, and the AKC  breed ring and was proud to have earned many titles and awards with them. I also showed my cats and rabbits in 4-H and won several grand champion awards with them.

As an adult, I have wonderful companion dogs and a cat that bring much joy to my life.  I am also an avid equestrian and enjoy training and showing my horses.  I have a horse massage business called Bradley Equine. 


I pride myself on the high-standard of care and services that I offer. I continue to be amazed by the many ways that massage can help improve the lives of animals and feel honored to be able to give back to the animals who give their love so selflessly to us.



Everything You Need to Know


Petting is an important form of touch and connection that people engage in with their pets. Dogs and cats often seek out touch because it feels good and is an important aspect of their communication with humans. By all means you and your pet should enjoy the time you spend petting them.

Massage is a fully-intentional touch. The animal massage therapist is trained to feel temperature changes, tissue abnormalities, muscle tension and weaknesses. A trained therapist is touching with anatomical knowledge, an understanding of kinesiology, and has developed a sense of what is considered within a healthy range because they have the opportunity to work with a variety of animals. Your therapist is also trained to identify contraindications (when massage is not advised) to ensure the best quality of care is being provided for your animal’s current condition. Using a wide variety of proven techniques a massage therapist can help to release tight muscles and stimulate the tone of weak muscles.  Other specialized techniques such as manual ligament therapy, manual lymphatic drainage, and circulatory support are studied and utilized by trained therapists.


Massages is provided for the basic purpose of relaxation and relief of muscular tension. Massage is not a substitute for medical examination, diagnosis, or treatment. You should take your animal to see a veterinarian if it exhibits any mental or physical ailments.

Massage therapists do not diagnose prognoses, or treat diseases, deformities, defects, wounds, or injuries; adjust or manipulate any articulations of the animal's body or spine; perform acupuncture; or perform mechanical therapies that are restricted to the field of veterinary medicine.

Your massage therapist is happy to consult and collaborate with your veterinarian to determine whether massage therapy is appropriate for your pet and work with your veterinarian to develop a supportive massage plan. 

Message can be a great complement to veterinary care for certain conditions, but is not a substitute for working with your veterinarian. 


We take the health of our clients and therapists seriously. Our clinic offers zero contact drop off and pick up options for prepaying clients.  

Owners may opt to wait in a small viewing room ( one owner or household only in the room at a time) with a window that allows you to observe your pet's massage therapy session without physically being in the room with the massage therapist. 

In compliance with state mandates, masks must be worn while on site at Northwind Pet Care Center.

Due to the risk of Covid-19 exposure,  Olympic Animal Massage is not offering in home services for small animal massage at this time. 


Northwind Pet Care Center offers first-class luxury pet boarding, doggie daycare, grooming and training on a 15-acre campus in Olympia, WA. 

For information about boarding, daycare, or grooming at Northwind go to their website


9902 Yelm Hwy SE, Olympia, WA 98513


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